Introducing the Integrity Plus Pipeline Institute The Integrity Plus Pipeline Institute provides both hazardous liquids and natural gas pipeline operators with a focused means of training both new pipeline professionals and legacy employees...
Registration Open for Integrity Plus 2017 Hosted Events Integrity Plus will be holding the first ever Integrity Plus Workshop in Calgary, AB March 22, 2017. Registration is also open for the second annual Integrity Management and Compliance Symposium in Galveston, TX May 2-3, 2017...

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Integrity Plus is an integrity consulting and analysis firm dedicated to serving oil and gas pipeline operators.

We go beyond integrity analysis by providing data and compliance consulting to support overall asset integrity. Our experts supplement your team to transform complex operational processes into sustainable pipeline safety programs.

Integrity Plus offers subject matter expertise in DOT Compliance, Pipeline Integrity Management, and Data Services. Our team is comprised of the industry’s best engineers, risk management professionals, and integrity analysts who leverage a deep understanding of federal and state regulations to provide consultative analysis and pipeline integrity recommendations.