Integrity Management Program Implementation

To ensure safety and reliability, pipeline operators must show due diligence in developing, implementing and documenting strong pipeline Integrity Management Programs (IMP). However, program development can be costly and time-consuming – while taking important resources away from other tasks.

Integrity Plus' DOT Compliance team provides onsite support, project management, and temporary staffing to help pipeline operators develop, revise, implement and document sustainable integrity management programs.

We offer proven best practices for creating procedures, provide training, and communicate to key personnel to ensure a successful implementation and adoption. And, our subject matter experts offer key insights to assist in important decision-making that could impact the safety of your pipeline.

Elements of an IMP Program

Elements of an IMP Program

Our IMP Implementation:

  • Identification of Responsibilities, Goals and Objectives
  • Historical Documentation & Records Management
  • Detailed Documentation of Task Process, Frequency and Triggers
  • Proven Process Improvement Methodology
  • Documentation of Best Practices
  • Communications Standards
  • Training: Awareness-level & Procedural-level
  • Effectiveness Evaluations
  • Decision‐Making Support
  • On-Call Support
  • SME Recommendations