Jurisdictional Applicability Studies

PHMSAIntegrity Plus provides regulatory applicability studies, on-site evaluations, and documented recommendations to help pipeline operators identify compliance needs for existing, planned or newly constructed pipelines.

With a strong understanding of the PHMSA regulations regarding hazardous liquid pipeline, 49 CFR 195, and natural gas pipelines, 49 CRF 192, we have a systematic approach to defining pipeline segments and quickly determining regulatory applicability.

Our team can then provide the documentation, rationale, reporting and recommendations necessary to develop your pipeline safety and integrity management program.

Our DOT Compliance team offers:

  • Identification of pipeline segments subject to federal regulation
  • Detailed rationale and documentation to support applicability determinations
  • Best practices for developing detailed jurisdiction analysis for regulatory agency communications
  • Guidance to develop and execute an operator program and minimum safety requirements based on jurisdictional status

We offer Regulatory Expertise in:

  • 49 CFR 191
  • 49 CFR 192
  • 49 CFR 192, Subpart O
  • 49 CFR 192, Subpart P
  • 49 CFR 194
  • 49 CFR 195