Assessment Data Services

Outsource Your Inspection Alignment and Data Integration Projects

Integrity Plus offers Assessment Data Services that save valuable time and resources by reducing the administrative burden of ILI, CIS and physical inspection data management. Rather than shelving inspection information after an assessment, our team quickly processes data and transforms it into knowledge to identify actionable anomalies and support better planning, monitoring and decision-making.

Our assessment services include Alignment Services, Centerline Validation, as well as Inspection Consulting & Analysis. As an independent consulting firm, Integrity Plus offers extensive experience in converting and integrating gas and liquid pipeline data regardless of the vendor or tool used. Our data team provides focused, specialized assessment data expertise, and proven software capabilities to support integrity management programs and enable better assessment planning.

Alignment Services: We can quickly and accurately align ILI and CIS data for a low-cost, fixed fee. With your data properly aligned, you can more accurately locate anomalies revealed during pig inspections. When you accurately locate irregularities revealed during inspections, you can save money when digging to perform pipeline repairs. We offer:

  • Run-to-Run Alignments
  • Feature and Anomaly Matching
  • Corrosion Growth Analysis

Centerline Validation: Having spatial information can help visualize where features exist on a map and will facilitate field investigations or digs. We provide an ILI spatializing service which generates location information for all features reported on the ILI report, whether you have an existing centerline or not.

Inspection Consulting & Analysis: Integrity Plus analysts offer a number of inspection consulting services to assist in your assessment lifecycle. Our analysts are equipped to conduct data quality analysis, review and understand inspection reports, and perform raw ILI data review.