Assessment Services

Custom Tailored Analysis

Rather than shelving inspection information after an assessment, Integrity Plus’s ILI team quickly processes data and transforms it into knowledge to identify actionable anomalies and support better planning, monitoring and decision-making. As an independent consulting firm, Integrity Plus offers extensive experience in converting and integrating gas and liquid pipeline data regardless of the vendor or tool used.

Run Comparisons

Integrity Plus will compare your ILI tool runs using our custom anomaly matching technology and process to perform a true anomaly-to-anomaly match, allowing for improved anomaly management. Effective comparison at an anomaly level better facilitates tool validation, confidence levels in current or previous callouts, and more effective monitoring of anomaly trending (i.e. growth). Being that we are vendor-agnostic, our team can compare multiple vendors and tool technologies.

Corrosion Growth Analysis

Our team provides consultation on active corrosion sites, re-inspection intervals, and fitness for service. We support this with anomaly matching to get more precise results compared to general trending or statistical approaches. This allows our team to accurately determine the potential cause of the corrosion, allowing you to better identify and manage true threats and ensure the integrity of your pipeline.

Raw ILI Data Review

Our qualified consultants assist operators with verification of reported results by analyzing raw ILI vendor data. ILI Data review is advocated to ensure the proper classification of ILI anomalies, determine if corrosion growth has actually occurred, to remediate discrepancies between ILI run comparisons, and to help accurately interpret dig results.