Result Integration & Support

Providing Insight to Protect Your Pipeline

Collecting and aligning ILI data are only the first steps, it’s what the data is then used for that enhances the pipeline's integrity and maximizes the value of your In Line Inspection. Rather than treat each ILI as a separate, standalone inspection, industry regulations and best practices focus on the integration of multiple data sets. Integrity Plus offers planning, reporting, and regulatory support to ensure your data is effectively integrated to help give a clearer picture of your pipeline’s integrity.

Continual Assessment Planning and Interval Determination

Supporting operator's ongoing assessment efforts, Integrity Plus provides continual assessment plan development support. From threat-based assessment method selection to employing the required considerations in proper assessment interval determination, our ILI Team can support your program.

Integration of Dig Results

Our team has the experience to interpret and integrate field findings. If done effectively, this will help validate ILI tool runs, ensure mitigation activities are effective, and provide for better decision making. If the dig results are not lining up with calls by the ILI vendor, we have the expertise to assist with next steps including what to communicate with the vendor. We can also perform re-grading analysis of metal loss ILI results without relying on vendor turnaround times.

Turn Data into Actions

Integrated data alone in a database isn’t actionable information, so our team transforms that data into truly actionable information in the form of an integrated data stacking sheet or an “integrity sheet.” Key factors such as HCA locations, elevation profiles, valve locations, release profiles, etc. are all plotted on a single sheet, where an engineer or analyst can quickly review and make the most informed decisions.

Regulatory Audit Support

Integrity Plus experts routinely support operators in audit preparation in developing clear and concise compliance demonstrations. Our team can support pre-audit activities including a review for potential regulatory gaps, and assist with developing and organizing compliance strategies.