Pipeline Risk Modeling & Analysis

Integrity Plus’s risk Leadership Team offers risk modeling and analysis services to identify potential threats to your natural gas and hazardous liquid pipeline segments and facilities.

Our technical approach to minimizing pipeline and facility risk starts with a deep understanding of U.S. and Canadian regulatory requirements. Leveraging a combination of regulatory know-how, technical authority, and proven methodology, our risk engineers identify, evaluate and recommend strategies best suited to mitigate the risks posed to your assets.

Risk Strategies

Integrity Plus provides transmission operators, gathering operators, and distribution operators of varying size and complexities with a right-sized risk strategy to best mitigate your pipeline's greatest threats.

Risk Analysis

Risk Algorithm Consulting Pipeline Risk Assessment Facility Risk Assessment
Developing a risk algorithm unique to an operator’s pipeline infrastructure is a challenging process. Our risk experts identify the threats and consequences associated with the system and categorize them in a way that produces a meaningful risk score for given locations along the pipeline. Due to hands-on involvement in risk algorithm development, our experts can also answer risk algorithm questions that arise during inspections. Our risk engineers analyze pipeline data through a risk model best suited to quantify threats and consequences along your pipeline. With expertise in pipeline operations and pipeline data, our experts provide data assessments and recommendations to ensure the best performance of your algorithm. We offer a detailed review of the results, drill down into the data to identify risk drivers, and provide onsite risk presentations to your stakeholders. Our experienced team of professionals can help you perform facility risk assessments to meet the requirements in 49 CFR 195.452. Applying our proven methodology for risk management, Integrity Plus offers the algorithm development, data recommendations, and risk analysis necessary to identify threats posed to your facility.

Engineer Experience

Regulatory Expertise, Technical Savvy, Risk Mitigation Authority

  • Risk algorithm consulting, risk algorithm development, risk model execution
  • Risk management strategy development and program implementation
  • Absolute, indexing, and probabilistic pipeline risk assessments
  • "What if" scenario analysis
  • Preventative and mitigative measure analysis