Hazardous Liquid Pipelines

New Century Integrity Plus offers integrity management consulting and analysis to hazardous liquid pipeline operators.

New Century Integrity Plus provides integrity management and pipeline safety consulting and analysis to the largest hazardous liquid pipeline operators in North America. Our solutions range from supporting companies through the early stages of data quality management to performing advanced analysis in order to meet integrity management regulations.

Superior Integrity Management & Compliance

Our Pipeline Integrity Management solutions offer end-to-end asset management including liquid line HCA analysis, spill modeling, and EFRD analysis. We provide Risk Assessment and analysis to prioritize covered pipe and develop mitigative plans. And, our expert DOT Compliance team conducts jurisdictional applicability studies, provides program development and implementation, and offers PHMSA audit support to ensure you meet DOT pipeline integrity management and safety requirements specified in 49 CFR 194 and 49 CFR 195.

Improved Data Quality

New Century offers data model consulting, data maintenance services, and survey data processing to ensure our integrity management analysis is conducted with the highest quality data available. Integrity Plus' expert GIS Analysts can also produce map and alignment sheets to reduce the burden of manual alignment sheet generation - improve productivity and efficiency.