New Pipeline Construction

New Century Integrity Plus offers compliance, records support, and analysis services to pipeline operators engaged in new pipeline construction.

Integrity Plus offers a variety of unique services for operators building new pipelines. Be it permitting, compliance, data consulting, survey data collection, GIS Risk Analysis, Class Location or field data processing, New Century Integrity Plus can offer cost effective expertise.

Improved Data Quality

Our FASTtrackGIS services allows us to take your GPS data, validate it and upload to your GIS in an automated way so that you have the data at your fingertips during your project rather than months later. Data Loading offers solutions for clients who want assistance with the process of integrating new pipeline data. Additionally, our Map & Alignment Sheet Production takes the burden off your team to rapidly produce field-ready maps.

Enhanced Pipeline Safety

By leveraging our DOT Compliance expertise, new construction Project Managers can be assured a project meets regulatory requirements before it begins. New Century not only offers ongoing compliance consulting, but will also supplement your team with an onsite compliance engineer to assist in collecting and organizing the proper data and documentation. Additionally, our Integrity Management and Risk Assessment analyses will help to ensure compliance on your new pipelines. Our Professional Services teams offer an array of services to help mitigate costs and ensure you are DOT compliant under 49 CRF 192 and 49 CRF 195.