Classroom Trainings

Our variety of classroom courses offer introductory and advanced pipeline, management, and soft skill training for new and experienced industry professionals.

Introductory Courses

The Pipeline Institute's Introductory courses have been carefully developed and organized to provide foundational concepts and elements in a logical and sequential order. These courses are intended for students having little to no pipeline experience, ideally suited for recent graduates, and are intended to provide an onboarding foundation from which other courses build.

Pipeline Data Management Courses

Various pipeline regulatory drivers, operational, and business needs result in the generation, collection, and management of various data types. Combining both conceptual and skills learning objectives, data management courses are intended to provide a critical base foundation from which students can build. The Data Management Courses are intended not only for students focusing on data management roles, but are recommended for students following both compliance and integrity management tracts.

Pipeline Compliance Courses

Regulatory requirements drive a plethora of activities in pipeline and facility operations, and a base knowledge of applicable regulations is paramount to career success. The compliance curriculum focuses on key pipeline safety regulations and provides students with a critical knowledge for success in the pipeline industry. Supporting environmental and safety compliance courses are also offered.

Integrity Management Courses

Unlike other pipeline safety regulations, Integrity Management regulations drive pipeline operators to take a risk based approach to managing system integrity. These courses present conceptual and specific regulatory requirements associated with the Integrity Management regulations, as well as, audit protocol guidance and compliance strategies.

Safety Courses

Pipeline and facility environments present numerous hazards, and an awareness of both potential hazards and safety regulations is paramount to employee safety.

Management Courses

Skills and attributes required to become an effective manager and leader are among the most overlooked components of employee career development in oil and gas companies. Included in this category include topics like basic labor laws, project management, performance management, budget management, and various leadership topics.

Communications Courses

Effective communication is vital to efficient and effective teams, as they must continuously engage and communicate with a wide variety of stakeholders.