Webinar: InTrack — A Pipeline Integrity Solution for Managing Pipeline Integrity Assessments

Wed, Feb 13, 2019 1:00pm–2:00pm MST

InTrack is an all-in-one assessment tracking solution created with integrity engineers and their full task lists in mind. This application was designed in collaboration with leading Pipeline Integrity Engineering experts to get operators out of a spreadsheet environment and into the ability to store and manage large amounts of integrity assessment data (ILI, CIS, ICDA, ECDA, CPDM, etc.)

From scheduling future assessments to identifying anomalies and recording repairs, we are confident that the use of InTrack will greatly reduce the time and effort of managing integrity data. With the look and feel of a spreadsheet, users can relate to and quickly learn the application, while utilizing many features, such as published map services, that a spreadsheet is unable to offer.

Runtime: 45 minutes